Software for Sales & Operations Planning in Europe

Because the majority of production companies are currently involved in Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), a number of software vendors are showing up to offer support in this process. Supply Chain Movement has done an extensive investigationof the available software for S&OP in Europe.

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The S&OP process consists of a large number of steps, especially if a company is already quite developed in this area. There are only a few software suppliers that provide all the functionality for advanced S&OP, also known as Integrated Business Planning. Two relatively new American players, Kinaxis and SteelWedge, developed software specifically for S&OP as an extra IT layer on top of existing systems, running in the cloud. Other big suppliers, such as SAP, Oracle, Infor and JDA, have only recently developed S&OP software based on their previously existing solutions. The rest of the suppliers use solutions that have been developed for other supply chain processes in order to support their clients in their S&OP.

Top 10 S&OP competitors in the Netherlands*

1. SAP
2. JDA
Microsoft Excel
4. Oracle
5. SteelWedge
6. OM Partners
9. Infor

*According to specifications by the software suppliers themselves