Simulation for truck fleet optimisation

For logistics service providers, retail and industrial companies, there is a new solution on the market for calculating the optimal composition of a truck fleet. Released by the German company Axxom Software, the benefits are higher transport efficiency, reduced environmental impact and lower costs.

“Our practical experience has shown that the composition of truck fleets is often not aligned with their specific requirements”, says Bastian Katz, Consultant Optimization in Logistics & Production at Axxom Software. “ORion-PI Fleet Planning makes it possible to match the truck fleet to the individual transport volumes and existing transport structures perfectly, which leads to an improved storage space utilization, reduced CO2 emissions and a reduction of the overall transport costs.”

ORion-PI® Fleet Planning performs optimization calculations based on the delivery data of a representative period that include information on the order structure, the product range, the geographical distribution of the customer base, delivery frequency and delivery quantities. The software uses the data to develop an optimized strategic routing plan and the optimal composition of the truck fleet to operate these routes. The solution considers all relevant cost factors like truck operation costs, driver costs and fixed costs of the trucks for example, in addition to constraints like storage space or load capacities of the truck types in this context.