Self-learning knowledge base SCM WisDome offers tailored supply chain articles

SCM WisDome

Supply Chain Media is launching the online content platform SCM WisDome with advanced technology. The content consists of original editorial articles published in the print magazine Supply Chain Movement since 2011, along with additional news articles from this website. By organizing this content as individual posts in one modern online database and equipping it with a lightning-fast self-learning search engine, users with their own profiles can quickly read tailored articles. The majority of this content is not freely available online and therefore cannot be found by Google or ChatGPT.

On SCM WisDome, supply chain professionals can easily discover what they don’t know but need to know for their work, thanks to concise, accessible articles. The knowledge base has been developed in response to the growing need for reliable and up-to-date information in the rapidly changing world of supply chain management. With a wealth of articles, guides, case studies, and reports, SCM WisDome provides an in-depth look at the latest trends, best practices, and technologies influencing the supply chain. What sets SCM WisDome apart from other websites and knowledge bases is its focus on practical applicability. Each article is written by an independent editor or expert in the field and offers concrete insights that professionals can use to enhance their supply chain processes.

Self-learning recommendations

SCM WisDome presents users with articles featuring attractive photos and illustrations that align with their personal preferences. When a user logs in to the platform for the first time, he or she can select companies, individuals, and topics to create their initial profile. The platform then recommends content based on this profile. Using similar self-learning algorithms as those used by Netflix, SCM WisDome subsequently suggests articles based on actual reading behavior and similar profiles. The more a user reads, the better SCM WisDome adapts to their interests. Users can also adjust their preferences at any time, such as after a promotion or career change.

The editorial team at Supply Chain Media continuously updates the online knowledge base to ensure that users have access to the most recent developments in supply chain management. Lengthy research reports from supply chain consulting firms are broken down into digestible pieces, allowing readers to quickly access the relevant sections without relying on often superficial executive summaries. The practical checklists, visual subway maps, mindmaps, and roadmaps help professionals clarify and address complex challenges within their companies. SCM WisDome also features inspirational and thought-provoking columns from leading experts and professors in the field of supply chain management.

Powerful dashboard

Martijn Lofvers, CEO of Supply Chain Media, has leveraged his 30 years of publishing experience at Relx (formerly Reed Elsevier) and Springer Nature to create this innovative knowledge base that easily surpasses the capabilities of ChatGPT. According to Lofvers, the online knowledge base can be used for four purposes: “Onboarding new colleagues, developing internal talents, elevating knowledge to a higher level, and identifying what matters to supply chain employees within the company. As a manager, you can see – whether anonymously or not – what employees are reading, what they’re searching for, and whether they find what they want to know. This is a powerful dashboard that provides insight into the diverse themes that play a role within a company.”

Similar to Netflix and other streaming services, professionals in supply chain management can subscribe to SCM WisDome on a per-person, per-month basis. For more information, please visit: and