Self-assessment for e-fulfilment

Many companies face the same dilemma: should they do e-commerce themselves or outsource it? And should they outsource only their logistics activities, or also customer service and marketing? So when is outsourcing the right solution? XPO Logistics and Supply Chain Media have created a self-assessment tool which enables you to discover how much help you need, based on your symptoms and external factors.

The success of a webshop comes down to how the fulfilment is organized. Consumers enjoy the ease of placing their orders 24/7 with just a couple of clicks, but meeting customers’ expectations requires a great deal of effort behind the scenes. The question of whether it makes sense to outsource the process depends on how much impact e-commerce has on your business or, in other words, the extent to which an e-commerce channel influences your revenue and how complex it would be to implement e-commerce for your company.

Download: Self-assessment for e-fulfilment

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