Second edition handbook proves growth of supply chain start-ups

The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook

The 2nd edition of The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook is now available. Launched earlier this month, this year’s handbook presents profiles of more than 340 supply chain start-ups that can help to tackle supply chain challenges and contribute to innovation. The publication also includes valuable insights from leading industry experts.

If you are looking for a comprehensive overview of the European logistics and supply chain management start-up ecosystem, look no further than The SCM Startups Handbook 2022. Besides profiles of more than 340 start-ups covering more than 15 market segments across 27 European countries, it features 12 insightful articles from leading industry experts on trends and technologies in supply chain management, including a contribution by Supply Chain Media’s Martijn Lofvers on how supply chain start-ups are riding the investment wave.

Source of innovation and change to tackle challenges

The handbook is the brainchild of Mathias Bosse, who is also a jury member for Supply Chain Media’s European Supply Chain Start-up Contest. “Supply chains around the world are under immense pressure to transform into more transparent, more resilient and more sustainable value chains. Start-ups are the main source of innovation and change that help to tackle these challenges,” he states. “The Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook 2022 is a comprehensive guide through the landscape of supply chain start-ups and will help you to discover cutting-edge technology and business model innovations.”

Two versions of the handbook

The SCM Startups Handbook is available in two versions: a ‘light’ version and a ‘full’ version. The ‘light’ version is available for free and includes all the valuable insights plus a short company profile with a basic overview of each start-up. The ‘full’ version costs €499 incl. VAT and includes all the expert content plus detailed company profiles including description, USPs, reference customers, company data as well contact data for the start-ups.

Both versions are available for download here: Use the code SCM25 for a 25% discount on the regular sales price of the ‘full’ version.