Roadmap for decarbonizing your supply chain

Visual Roadmap for decarbonizing your supply chain

According to consulting firm McKinsey, active supply-chain decarbonization is becoming a licence to operate for businesses. But companies aiming for responsible sourcing are hindered by fragmented data pipelines. The task of evaluating millions of suppliers when data fragmented across thousands of data sources, standards, parameters, geographies and industries is immense. The young Danish company Responsibly is a supplier data platform for responsible procurement and the winner of the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest 2022. In collaboration with Supply Chain Movement, Responsibly created this roadmap for decarbonizing your supply chain. 

The first stop sign on the road to decarbonizing your supply chain is ‘Emissions Data’, because of the difficulty of leveraging publicly available supplier emissions data and reduction targets. To get the traffic light to turn green, and continue the road, you can:

  • Utilize an automated data collection engine to scour data sources and supplier websites for emissions data
  • Normalize the data to be used for analysis

Download the roadmap for decarbonizing your supply chain

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The Roadmaps provided by Supply Chain Movement are visual representations of strategic plans that assist in optimizing supply chain processes. They present a simple way of illustrating how companies can achieve their desired objectives.

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  • Implementing changes
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