Risk profile assessment 2023

Risk profile assessment 2023

Supply chain risk management is becoming increasingly important for companies. Natural disasters such as the volcanic eruption in Iceland, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the floods in Thailand have demonstrated how substantial the impact can be on supply chains around the world. Supply Chain Movement has developed a test to help you gain a quick insight into how your company scores in terms of risk management.

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Fill in the answers, scoring zero for each ‘No’ and the number of points shown for each ‘Yes’. Add up the points to give your total score and find out if your company is like a rabbit, monkey, ostrich or elephant.

• The company could be like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an approaching car. Examples of this kind of company are transport companies which, oblivious to threats, have not specified or differentiated.

• Or the company is like an ostrich that is aware of a risk but sticks its head in the sand. Examples of this kind of company are banks which, while applying all manner of complex risk calculations to the products they sell, are themselves not responsive enough to structurally alter their own business behaviour.

• Maybe the company is like a monkey that leads a fairly carefree life high up in the treetops and rarely touched the ground. Examples of this kind of company are trading organizations which think in terms of opportunities rather than threats and are able to change business direction quickly.

• Or could the company be like an elephant that charges when under threat? Examples of this kind of company are chemical companies which place greater importance on safety than on profit and take fairly drastic action if safety comes under threat.

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Download: Risk Profile Assessment 2023