Recording webinar ‘Transforming logistics during a global crisis’


Supply Chain Media and Oracle organized a webinar about ‘End-to-end Transport Management’.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented stresses on supply chains: the surge in freight costs, bottlenecks in human capital, transport and logistics issues, border closings posing enormous challenges, soared competition for container space resulting in delays… It’s no longer simply a matter for the backroom, but a key issue in the boardroom. While this pandemic creates headaches, it also creates opportunities for those moving goods from their factory to the market.

The new reality for logistics

There is no doubt that the pandemic has magnified and accelerated the need for supply chains that are both resilient and agile. With market conditions changing fast, being prepared matters more than ever. Learn from Oracle why companies are now looking to leverage solutions that support transparency, real-time visibility, rapid decision-making and flexibility of response.

Never waste a good crisis

Learn from RHI Magnesita how the world is today, and how they moved from a re-active manual information supply to a pro-active automated information supply, and how they want to grow their logistics maturity. Part of global supply chain transformation, RHIM was looking how they could modernise the way to manage global transport activities. End-to-end transport visibility is not just a nice to have, but a means to have more cost control, and an enabler for better decisions on risk management and performance improvement. TMS was for RHIM in many aspects a game changer. Marc Jägers will guide you also through the lessons learned from the TMS Solution selection process, the challenges during the implementation of the project and the key business benefits.


Please listen in this recording to Martijn Lofvers in a conversation with:

  • Rob Hazekamp, Oracle, Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions Benelux
  • Dominic Regan, Oracle, Logistics Applications Senior Director EMEA
  • Marc Jägers, RHI Magnesita, Manager Global Transportation Management

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.

Download: Slides webinar ‘Transforming Logistics During a Global Crisis’