Recording webinar Portfolio & Inventory Management


When you have 1,000s of SKUs in your portfolio, making the right choice can be hard. As suppliers push new products to acquire new business and product managers strive to offer the total breadth, you can be sure there are more SKUs to come.

Leading business’ see this as an opportunity and take proactive steps to transform this into a profitable outcome. How do they do this, you ask? They make the right decisions on their portfolio!

With the help of innovative tech like machine learning, they align their portfolios to their business strategies to massively reduce inventory costs whilst simultaneously increasing profitability.

With this in mind, is your portfolio in line with your strategy? Is that strategy being tactically executed? When do you phase products in and out? Are you stocking the right products? How much do you order, and when?

Richard Evans and Jan Kraaijeveld, inventory experts at Slimstock, work together with leading wholesale companies on a daily basis. In this recording, they share and discuss the experiences, learnings and best practices from hundreds of professionals.

This webinar recording will help you to make better portfolio decisions… because this is often more important than deciding how much you should stock. By the end of this recording, you’ll understand all of the tips and tricks to get a proper grip on your entire portfolio.


  • Martijn Lofvers, Founder & Chief Trendwatcher, Supply Chain Media


  • Richard Evans, Managing Director UK & Nordics, Slimstock
  • Jan Kraaijeveld, Sales & Business Development Manager NL, Slimstock

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.