Recording Webinar Omni-channel WMS


The What, Why and How of Omni-channel Warehouse Management

Anyone working in supply chain would agree that recent years has brought a range of new challenges. Event such as the Brexit, covid-19 crisis and the blockage of the Suez Canal keeps testing the resilience and agility of supply chains in different ways.

At the same time fast-changing customer behavior and market restrictions has caused the already booming e-commerce to rise even faster. The number of orders is increasing, the volume per order is decreasing and the desired delivery times are becoming shorter and shorter.

This complexity places higher demands on the warehouse management in terms of speed, cost and quality of the processes. The omni-channel strategy is proven to be a fitting solution to many of the current challenges. But what is it? Why is it important? And how do you implement it in your warehouse management?

During this webinar Remy Malchirand, Henk-Jan van Donkelaar and Martijn Lofvers shared their experience and insights on omni-channel warehouse management.

Missed the webinar?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.