Recording Webinar End-to-End Transport Management


Supply Chain Media and Alpega TMS organized a webinar about end-to-end transport management.

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to integrate multiple software solutions and manual processes for transportation management, this webinar recording is for you.

An end-to-end transportation management solution can transform your business from a fragmented partner network to an integrated community with seamless transport processes and full visibility.

Alpega TMS, in partnership with Webinar Wednesday from Supply Chain Media, brought together a panel of experts (including VP Sales Michael Böckle and Director Go-to-Market Carolyn Hunt) and discussed how end-to-end transport management works – and why it matters today. The webinar recording includes a practical example from an Alpega TMS customer to bring the solution to life.


  • Martijn Lofvers – Founder & Chief Trendwatcher – Supply Chain Media


  • Carolyn Hunt – Director GTM – Alpega TMS
  • Michael Böckle – VP Sales Strategy and Presales – Alpega TMS
  • Michael Bülow – Sr. Manager Transportation, Logistics, Customs Compliance & Indirect Purchasing – AGCO Corporation

Missed the webinar?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement.