Recording session Slimstock at inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2021


For years, we have learned to be efficient. We built processes to develop rapidly at low costs. Now, we have to learn to act effectively again. COVID-19 has made this abundantly clear. As sudden peaks in demand and supply caused widespread supply chain chaos, the clear “winners” were those businesses that were able to quickly adapt.

This situation has emphasized the need for supply chain cooperation. Companies that communicate with supply chain partners successfully are able to respond to volatility quickly and flexibly. However, to achieve this, visibility throughout the supply chain is a must.

Adding the S&OP/IBP layer to Slim4 gives you all the insights needed to align the supply chain with the rapidly changing business. We have proven that it is possible to create a platform for our customers to bring them to maturity level 3 and 4 in just 30 days.

Eric van Dijk, CEO and founder of Slimstock, shared his vision on these topics and how Slimstock is innovating the way we think of S&OP and IBP solutions. By taking business planning to the next level, Eric and his company aim to help even more companies outperform.

Missed this session?

The recording is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement.