Professor Hau Lee

Thoma Professor of Operations, Information and Technology, Stanford Graduate School of Business

The research carried out by Hau Lee and published by Springer Science & Business Media is focused on the need to manage not only the flow of materials but also the flow of information and finance in order to ensure that goods and services reach their destinations. His research has led to the construction of computer models for industrial implementation as well as to the development of strategies for operational concepts for supply chain professionals. Internationally, he is probably best known for his scientific and managerial insights into resonance effects in supply chains and safety in worldwide transport chains. Recently, he has also been working on quantifying the benefits which technology can bring to supply chains in terms of transparency.

Lee is the founder and current co-director of the Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum, an industrial-academic set up to improve supply chain management both in theory and in practice. He has won several awards and provided advice to numerous organisations in both the public and private sectors. He has co-founded various software companies focussed on supply chain optimisation, such as DemandTec and TrueDemand. In addition, he leads executive workshops on supply chain management.