Prof. dr. ir. René de Koster

Senior lecturer in Logistics and Operations Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

René de Koster’s research is focussed primarily on warehouse management and it is safe to say that his work generally takes a very practical approach. In 1993, he conducted research for Compaq’s former European distribution centre in Gorinchem, where he was in charge of the DC simulation and led projects evaluating logistics and information systems. In the same year, he carried out a feasibility study on the extension of the product range and inventory capacity for book and music club, ECI. In 2007, he conducted research in conjunction with Supply Chain Magazine into investments in material handling equipment. According to the less-reliable Google Scholar, his h-index in 2008 was – at 14 – somewhat higher than 5. De Koster is a member of the R&D Commission within the European Logistics Association (ELA) as well as being on the editorial board of five different magazines.