Partner session Involvation | S&OP Vendor Day 2021


During S&OP Vendor Day 2021 Evelien Busschers, Supply Chain Management Consultant at Involvation, presented her companies solutions in the break-out session ”S&OP Subway Map: A journey from strategy to schedule”.

Sales & Operations Planning and the more extensive Integrated Business Planning are both decision-making processes that aim to proactively balance demand and supply. But how does an S&OP process actually work? Especially in large organizations, it can be quite challenging to appreciate the big picture and see the dependencies we need to be aware of.

Every company’s Sales & Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning journey is unique. It must fit the needs of the business and the structure of the organization. In addition, an S&OP process should be revised regularly in order to adapt to any kind of change affecting it. And of course it’s also subject to continuous improvement. All in all, there are countless S&OP/IBP journeys in existence.

The S&OP subway map portrays the S&OP journey of a fictional organization operating in a Make-to-Stock environment with a rapidly changing portfolio. In this example we depicted a classic S&OP process at around maturity level 3. A next improvement for this fictional organization would be to integrate financial planning into its journey, making it a real IBP process.

Missed this session?

The recorded session is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.