Participation request for interesting Supply Chain surveys

Survey 150x150Dear Supply Chain Professionals,

There are several very interesting supply chain surveys open for participation at the moment (in Januaray and February, 2014).

4 surveys by Supply Chain Insights LLC:

Supply Chain Visibility:

Benchmark companies’ supply chain visibility in business relationships within their extended supply chain, including the effectiveness of data sharing and sensing:

Digital Manufacturing:

Where are companies on the path towards using digital manufacturing with the use of digital images, 3-D printing, internet of things and mobility to redefine manufacturing processes:

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI):

The value proposition these processes present. VMI is the process when a company’s supplier takes responsibility for the management of inventory through the channel. This may or may not include the ability to determine orders:

Voice of the Supply Chain Leader:

What supply chain management professionals are thinking about, working on and trying to improve:

1 open survey by SEA Change, a Community for Climate Change Interventions:

Climate Proofing Supply Chains:

Identification of climate risk indicators to improve the supply chain risk management process (SCRMP):

1 open survey by Vlerick Business School (Belgium):

Management control design in supply chain networks:

More complete understanding of coordination and control practices between partner companies, and its performance implications in the supply chain network.

Thank you for participating in one or more of these excellent supply chain surveys.