Participation request for interesting Supply Chain surveys

Survey 150x150Dear Supply Chain Professionals,

There are several very interesting supply chain surveys open for participation at the moment (in June 2015). In exchange for taking the survey, Supply Chain Insights will email you the final report, free of charge. Plus, you can also choose to receive a personalized review of the results with a Supply Chain Insights’ research analyst by phone.

The 3 open surveys by Supply Chain Insights are:


1) Voice of the Supply Chain Leader

What are supply chain leaders’ attitudes and plans regarding IT systems and spending? What are the exciting trends and top challenges for 2015?

This survey is meant for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers/distributors/co-operatives. Note that this is the fourth wave of the study, which allows the researchers to track changes over time.

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2) Sales & Operations Planning

How does Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) improve corporate performance? What are the characteristics of your primary S&OP process and how effective is it? How important is your S&OP process to improving the agility of your supply chain?

This survey is meant for manufacturers and wholesalers/distributors/co-operatives who sell items they manufacture. It is open to both those with and without a Sales & Operations Planning process.

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3) Inventory Optimization

How has inventory optimization impacted supply chain excellence? How satisfied are users with their primary inventory software and why? How well does your company make inventory decisions?

This survey is meant for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers/distributors/co-operatives who use some level of inventory optimization software.

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