Mastering the practicalities will lead to delivery perfection

“I’d do more online shopping if only I had a working doorbell,” quipped comedian David Mitchell recently. Indeed, it is laughable that trivial issues like this can scupper what should be a straightforward process of …

Mindmap Digital Supply Chains


Mindmap Digital Supply Chains 4.0

Supply Chain Movement has created a mindmap digital supply chains, together with professor Carlos Cordon, the LEGO Professor of Supply Chain Management at IMD Business School in Lausanne, describing market trends, the impact on companies, …

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Whitepaper: Are you the weakest link in your supply chain?

Increasingly, your supply chain is seen as a value-creating process that differentiates your company from the competition. Clearly, this does not change the call for efficiency and productivity. And now, the pressure is on you …

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Antiquated IT outmanoeuvres omnichannel for retailers

Outdated IT structures create the most challenges for retailers on their way to Omnichannel. This was clearly indicated based on surveying retailers in the Omnichannel Status Report 2016 compiled by Arvato in cooperation with Salesforce …

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Demand sensing cuts error 37 percent

E2open announces its 2016 Forecasting Benchmark Study, an in-depth analysis of the state of demand planning for Fortune 500 companies, allowing firms to compare their forecasting performance against best in class. The 2016 study explores …

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