Costa Express’ supply chain revolution

With all the media hype in supply chain, the casual observer might easily think that within the next decade companies will all have perfectly optimised, data-driven supply chains and labour forces overtaken by robots, sensors …


Food giant Mondelēz outsources its e-commerce-operation

Food manufacturer Mondelēz International, famous for brands such as Liga, Milka and Prince, recently contracted ModusLink to manage its e-commerce-operation. From its e-commerce distribution centre in Venray, ModusLink handles every aspect of the online orders …

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“Domesticated” recruits alone won’t tame your S&OP tiger

(No cats were harmed in the writing of this blog post) The evolutionary process of domesticating wild cats from being fierce predators to the darlings of the internet took many thousands of years. Subsequent generations of …

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Supply Chain Movement 18 – 3PL

Contents Supply Chain Movement 18 : 3PL– 2015 Q3 Publishing date: 18 September 2015 6 | News & Background -Food giant Mondelēz outsources its e-commerce-operation -Winner of the last quarter (Q3-2015): Amazon -Loser of the last quarter (Q3-2015): Costco -Supply Chain …

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Logistics suppliers

In today’s economy, due to companies outsourcing many activities, a lot of innovations come from suppliers. The Dutch company ASML, global market leader in machines for the semiconductor industry, is a good example. It relies …

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