Acquisition of GT Nexus Underlines Infor’s Focus on Supply Chain

It seems to be just a matter of time before ERP specialist Infor takes over cloud-services giant GT Nexus in an acquisition valued at USD675 million. All that is needed now is regulatory approval. The …


Industry 4.0 getting whipped

With all the media hype surrounding Industry 4.0 – intelligent machines and advanced analytics in the supply chain - and its parent, the so-called ‘Internet of Things – extending the virtual internet to physical objects …

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Lidl introduces new, centralized ERP system

Lidl is looking to press ahead with standardizing processes worldwide and chose SAP ERP Retail powered by SAP Hana to do the job. In cooperation with KPS Consulting, Lidl developed a global process template and …


Lean, QRM and DDMRP: they’re all the same!

Not long ago, QRM was heralded as the new Lean, and now we are bombarded with DDMRP as the panacea for all our problems. It seems as if the different schools, in their hunger to …

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S&OP Self-assessment

What is the S&OP process in your company like? Like a sprinter, a relay runner, triathlete or like an entire hockey team? Your objective is a supply chain which is optimally aligned with market demand. Hence, …

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