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Service is eating the world

Seven years ago, Mark Andreessen wrote his now-famous essay called ‘Software is eating the world’. He predicted that all companies will become software companies and that organizations that fail to adapt rapidly enough will go …


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Intel reduces supplier labour violations by focusing on supply chain responsibility

Intel’s 2017-2018 Corporate Responsibility Report shows that the firm’s continued focus on supply chain responsibility is paying off. In concrete terms, supplier violations related to forced and bonded labour decreased by 60 percent last year, …

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gender wage gap

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Supply chain salary surveys reveal gender wage gap

The results of an inaugural survey published by Apics, an American association for supply chain management, in May 2018 reveal a substantial wage gap between men and women within the field. The 2018 Supply Chain …

Sabine Simeon-Aissaoui


Sabine Simeon, Schindler: “Avoid making a transformation sound too complex”

Talented and ambitious, Sabine Simeon-Aissaoui was in full flight when an unsuccessful project, which she initiated in China, knocked her confidence. It gave her time to regroup, think, and come back with renewed energy and determination. …

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An S&OP and IBP travel guide

The topic of sales & operations planning (S&OP) continues to receive plenty of attention from supply chain professionals. As far back as 2010, I reported on it as a ‘hot topic’ and noted that conference …


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Diversity drives innovation

Few companies nowadays would deny that innovation is crucial to their long-term survival, but innovation doesn’t just happen by itself – as Lego knows from its own bitter experience. Fons Trompenaars, keynote speaker at inNOWvate: …

Supply Chain Movement 29

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Supply Chain Movement issue 29 – From S&OP to IBP

Contents Supply Chain Movement 29 – 2018 Q2 Date of appearance: May 25th, 2018 6 | News & Background 8 | Snapshots 10 | IT Subway Map 2018 12 | Profile Sabine Simeon-Aissaoui, Schindler Group: “Avoid making a transformation sound too …


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S&OP motivation

Why is sales & operations planning (S&OP) such a difficult decision-making process? How hard can it be to hold a product review, then a demand review, a supply review and a business review in the …

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