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Loser of Q2 2014: Aston Martin

British car maker Aston Martin has a major problem within its Chinese supply chain. The manufacturer of luxury sports cars which is often associated with James Bond is recalling three quarters of all the models …


Supply chain software remains hugely popular

Demand for supply chain software in Europe is notably strong in the otherwise slowly recovering economy. A growing number of companies are implementing software for sales & operations planning (S&OP) and supply chain visibility. There …


Jaro Caban: “Establishing S&OP is a challenging journey”

Nine questions about the topics on the supply chain agenda of a supply chain professional. In this edition: Jaro Caban, Global S&OP, Cargill Animal Nutrition. By Helen Armstong (Supply Chain Movement) In 2011 Cargill, the multi billion-dollar …

Jeroen van Weesep (Lego) is the Supply Chain Professional 2014

Career, Trends

Jeroen van Weesep (Lego) is the Supply Chain Professional 2014

– The Netherlands, 5 June 2014 – Jeroen van Weesep from Lego is the new figurehead of Dutch supply chain management. The Vice President Supply and Inventory Management Europe/Asia was chosen as Supply Chain Professional …


D-Day: Planning and Execution, the Supply Chain of Overlord

Getting supplies to the Allied forces was a crucial part of the Normandy Landings and the breakout from Normandy. The supply chains from the USA to the beaches in France were changed drastically, numerous times …

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