Mind Map for Global Trade Management


Mindmap for Global Trade Management

Together with Amber Road, supplier of software for managing import, export, global logistics and trade agreement processes, Supply Chain Movement has created a mindmap for Global Trade Management to outline the route, including road signs …


Business boundaries in supply chains

The European economy is finally growing again, albeit only slightly and still very tentatively. Since consumer spending remains stable, the majority of the economic growth is coming from exports. Hence, export markets are of strategic …


Lora Cecere: “All the metrics must be in balance”

“Some companies are under the impression that they can first ‘milk’ one performance indicator before moving on to the next one. But in fact, all the metrics must be in balance,” says Lora Cecere from …

Seamless Supply Chain Execution


Seamless Supply Chain Execution

Seamless Supply Chain Execution; 12 Questions about Multimodal Transportation Management To survive in today‘s market and to have the competitive edge, the use of the right technology is essential for any business. Your global supply chain …

reliable forecasting


Lean, QRM or DDMRP after all?

Over the last decades we have witnessed the arrival of a large variety of new process improvement methodologies and philosophies. For many years our options were limited to MRP, LEAN and TOC, but these have …

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