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Savant Supply Chain Congres

Learn how to move your supply chain to the very core of your company’s strategy during Savant Supply Chain Congres on 8-9 May in Amsterdam. Supply chain and logistics are no longer isolated cost centres …

Consumer & Retail Sector Forum


Supply Chain Management Forum

The Supply Chain Management Consumer & Retail Sector Forum, 16-17 May 2019 in Berlin, aims to provide insights to think in a morge global way, increase efficiency in supply chain flows and focusses on 'end-to-end' …

Integrated Business Planning Forum


Integrated Business Planning Forum

As supply chains mature and S&OP advances, leading companies have continued evolving their planning processes. Integrated Business Planning Forum at 16&17 May in Barcelona represents the evolution of S&OP from its production planning roots in …


Supply Chain industry Week

With the rapidly increasing consumer demand for excellence in logistics and the emergence of automation in supply chain, it is now vital for senior executives to get ahead of the latest trends, strategies and techniques …

Clinical Trial Supply forum


Clinical Trial Supply Forum

A company can't have the best clinical trial supply chain without concrete, end-to-end planning. In recongnition of this fact, The Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2019 will look in-depth at where the gaps are within companies …

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Dutch students develop maturity model omnichannel strategy

Which challenges are generally perceived to be crucial and which internal changes do retailers and webshops have to implement in order to address these challenges? Master students of Delft University in the Netherlands are currently …


Salary survey supply chain professionals

What do supply chain professionals earn and are they at the right salary level? Before answering that question another one arises: How much are you worth? To address that topic, Inspired-Search built a survey. A …


MIT Scalers win global final The Fresh Connection

This year’s final was predetermined to be the biggest and best yet with more than 300 company teams from 25 countries and over 1300 participants entering the 5th annual Global Challenge of The Fresh Connection. …


Mind Map for Operational Transparency in SAP

Enabling business users to directly access drill-down Business Intelligence is the solution for optimizing processes in a world which is constantly changing. The military calls this environment “VUCA” and it stands for: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity …


Putting a smooth gloss finish on S&OP education

With the glorious weather this summer, a few of our neighbours and I took the opportunity to spruce up our houses. Nothing rekindles that sense of newness better and faster than a good lick of …

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