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Bricks Matter: ongoing evolution of supply chain management

In view of the crucial role supply chain management has played in companies’ success in the past decade, it is surprising that so few books have been published on the topic, especially when compared to …


Every supply chain manager should test their Risk Intelligence

As a result of today’s economic turbulence, supply chain managers are having to make more and more decisions every day. The current economy presents many risks, but plenty of opportunities too. When sailing in a …


Supply Chain Future: Anticipating the unknown

New markets, rising energy prices, growing raw materials shortages and mass individualisation are all widespread trends which will change the world we live in. The question facing businesses is, how can they prepare for developments …


Supply Chain Movement Q2 2013: Finance & Risk

Theme: Finance & Risk Contents  7 | News & Background 8 | Profile Claude Laurent, Astellas Pharma Twelve years ago Claude Laurent took up the challenge of running the European supply chain for Japanese pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma. His …


Repeatability: creating a successful business model

A successful business model cuts through the complexity by focusing on a handful of core principles. Nike adheres to four interlocking capabilities: brand management, athlete partnerships, award-winning design and use of materials, and an efficient …

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