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Global integrated business planning summit

Integrated business planning (IBP) is a strategy for connecting the planning functions of each department in an organization to align operations and strategy with the organization's financial performance with the overall objective of maximizing profit. …

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Executives Face Growing Threats to Their Supply Chains

According to a new survey from Deloitte, global executives are increasingly concerned about the growing risks to their supply chains and costly negative impacts such as margin erosion and inability to keep up with demand. …


Strategy execution?

“There’s very little science in supply chain management.” This bold statement came from a Vice-president Supply Chain Europe of a pharmaceutical multinational when I was interviewing him recently. I didn’t understand what he meant at …


Next-generation supply chains: Efficient, fast and tailored

Successful management of extreme market and demand volatility has become the new mantra of supply chain managers around the globe. Macroeconomic cycles of growth, contraction and recovery have become erratic, making reliable end-to-end supply and …


Mind Map for Inventory Management

Inventories represent a considerable part of a company’s working capital. Uncertain economic times require the amount of working capital tied up in inventory to be reduced. But managing stock levels is more complex than it …


Managing People and Behaviours

Oliver Wight Executive Summary: Managing People and Behaviours – getting the most from your organisation To stay on top in today’s complex and competitive business environment it is more important than ever for organisations to keep …

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