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7th Supply Chain Leaders Forum

Copenhagen Business School and AAASCM would like to invite you to join the: 7th Supply Chain Leaders Forum 2018 We identify top-25 supply chain leaders in Denmark, award best of the best in industry and academia, and …


Companies move towards greater supply chain visibility

Within many companies, supply chain visibility is currently limited to transport activities: they can see the position of their goods in the supply chain and adapt their own approach accordingly. Companies are increasingly taking new …


The Supply Chain Manager’s Daily Decathlon (part 2 of 6)

Given the diversity of the challenges in their job, Supply Chain Managers need to be versatile, multi-skilled people, chameleonic in a way. A bit like the decathlon athlete, (s)he needs to perform well on a …


“If people are highly focused they can fix anything.”

Office Depot is not just a company that sells pens and envelopes.  Since opening its first store in Florida in 1986 it has grown into a truly global company. It supplies - right to your …


Handling big supply chain data visual displays

Many companies are struggling to cope with rapidly growing volumes of data from both within and outside of their organisations. For most of them, the tools they use to analyse the data and make decisions …


Cultural differences need to be addressed in global S&OP

The success of international Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) depends on, among other things, how well a company adapts to the local culture when developing and implementing it. Cultural issues are important. We may be …

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