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Digitalising Trade, Commodity and Supply Chain Finance

This marcusevans conference will show banks how to advance digitally to deliver innovative and automated solutions to clients in trade, supply chain, commodity finance,  through the practical use of examples and case studies. The banking industry …


Beyond Performance Management: from ERP to Lean

In ‘Beyond Performance Management’, Jeremy Hope and Steve Player describe a wide variety of methods for managing performance, including the Balanced Scorecard, Benchmarking, Activity-Based Costing and Customer Relationship Management. It is a shame that supply …

Mind Map Pharma Supply Chains 2.0


Mind Map Pharma Supply Chains 2.0

The worldwide market of the pharmaceutical industry is under enormous pressure, due to changing patient target groups, scientific developments and increasingly stringent regulations. This has considerable consequences for the supply chains. In order to find …


S&OP – a major driver in maximizing business profitability?

Increasing market dynamics and volatility put more emphasis on achieving planning excellence and raise the general level of attention for this topic. Although a recognized concept for many years, comprehensive deployment of S&OP has only …

Infographic: Streamline Supply Chain using Social Media

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Infographic: Streamline Supply Chain using Social Media

What is the biggest barrier to social media integration in the supply chain. “the supply chain leader will have to first learn about social technologies to apply them, and the digital marketing person will have …


Chemical manufacturers need a customer focus

How will chemical manufacturers continue cutting cost whilst delivering innovation and growth? It was the core theme of the Chemical Supply Chain & Logistics Conference, LogiChem, which was held  in Antwerp, Belgium on April 16-18, …

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