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Webinar: Connected Planning in Supply Chain

On Thursday 28 March Martijn Lofvers (Supply Chain Media) and Geert Wullaert (bluecrux) will discuss the importance of Connected Planning and explain why Supply Chain leaders need it in order to make timely, value-based decisions …


JDA manufacturing Connect Seminar

Predict What’s Next in Your Supply Chain.Hear from Electrolux, Mercedes Benz, Lezing and Essity in Stockholm at an exclusive gathering of supply chain experts and business strategists.In the era of digital transformation, the role of …



Savant Supply Chain Congres

Learn how to move your supply chain to the very core of your company’s strategy during Savant Supply Chain Congres on 8-9 May in Amsterdam. Supply chain and logistics are no longer isolated cost centres …

Consumer & Retail Sector Forum


Supply Chain Management Forum

The Supply Chain Management Consumer & Retail Sector Forum, 16-17 May 2019 in Berlin, aims to provide insights to think in a morge global way, increase efficiency in supply chain flows and focusses on 'end-to-end' …

Supply Chain industry Week


Supply Chain industry Week

With the rapidly increasing consumer demand for excellence in logistics and the emergence of automation in supply chain, it is now vital for senior executives to get ahead of the latest trends, strategies and techniques …

JDA manufacturing Connect Seminar
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The strategic ascent to competitive advantage

The use of mindmaps in supply chain strategyMany companies are unclear about their business strategy: which mountain are we trying to climb, and why? It is crucial to find the best route to the top, …


A fair sharing economy

The new sharing economy raises a lot of questions about legal issues, taxes, regulations and consumer protection. And we're just at the beginning. is starting to work with private drivers in Amsterdam. Airbnb, the …


Supply Chain Metrics that Matter

Corporate performance is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. Supply Chain Metrics That Matter makes this truth clear enough with its thorough analysis of recent multi-industry performance trends. The research shows that continually …


IT versus supply chain

Does IT have a place in today’s boardrooms? That is becoming an increasingly common question as the economy begins to recover after years of recession and IT developments are forcing companies to take action. Research …


Jeroen van Weesep: ‘Make more room for intuition and trust’

There are almost as many Lego Minifigures in the world as there are people – but that pales into insignificance compared with all the Lego bricks that have passed through children’s hands since 1957. At …

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