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Digital Supply Chain Conference

Adapting to a Digital World - Agile, Collaborative and Innovative Supply Chain Management Supply chains are undergoing a fundamental shift as they adapt to the vast opportunities offered by new technologies including the Internet of Things, …



LOGY Conference

LOGY Conference is organized annually by the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY). The seminar is a popular and anticipated international event that has a lot to offer to all actors involved in management …


Supply chain opportunities in the UK automotive sector

Today, industry body The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) launched a new report, compiled by KPMG, that sets out why the UK has become a destination of choice for global vehicle manufacturers. The …


Who will (b)eat the apple?

They’ve done it again. Once more, large part of the world is looking at Apple with great expectation, and their movements even have an impact on us, the Logistics & Supply Chain professionals. These days, …


Petri Jarvinen’s Supply Chain Agenda, Supply Chain Architect of Nokia

Nine questions about the topics on the supply chain agenda of a supply chain professional. By Helen Armstrong Telecommunication giant, Nokia, has seen many transformations. It started out as wood pulp mill in 1865 and took its …


Egil Møller Nielsen’s agenda, Supply Chain Director, Bodum

Nine questions about the topics on the supply chain agenda of a supply chain professional. 
By: Helen Armstrong  (Supply Chain Movement) “Good design doesn’t have to be expensive” - the motto of Peter Bodum, founder of the …


Championship efficient unloading: improving transport times

Mars Netherlands and HJ Heinz have jointly organized the Dutch Championship (NK) Speed Docking 2012. They initiated this logistics competition in order to accomplish a more efficient unloading process at the distribution centers of their …

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