Overview of published mind maps Supply Chain Movement

Since 2012 Supply Chain Movement, in collaboration with partners, creates mind maps with practical Thoughts, Tools, Tips and Ticks. The mind maps are useful to create an overview when the subject you are dealing with is complex. They can serve as a checklist or as a discussion piece when a particular issue is addressed in a meeting.

Usually a mind map has a free format. The mind maps of Supply Chain Magazine have a fixed structure in the form of a simple matrix. In the top left box shows the market trends: what market trends are related to the subject of the map? Then in the top right box it tells what the impact of these trends are on the business. These consequences for a company put a certain pressure on the operation, shown in the lower right box: What challenges for the supply chain caused this impact?

Finally at the bottom left of the box are the solutions: what are potential supply chain improvements? Connect these solutions to the original market trends and connect with suppliers, customers and other external parties.

Below is an overview of published mindmaps.