Novartis Vaccines live with new S&OP system

Novartis’ Vaccines division (now a part of GlaxoSmithKline), a producer of vaccines including Pediatric, Specialty and Meningitis vaccines, went live with OMP Plus in January 2015. Amir Reichman, Head of Resource Planning and Strategy, states in a press release of April 14, 2015: “The introduction of OMP Plus drastically reduced the time it takes us to generate a plan, increased our ability to rapidly respond to changes in inputs, generate and discuss scenarios and allowed us to ensure an optimized plan is created.”

The focus of the implementation was on a holistic, advanced optimization of the global network containing five production facilities. To achieve this goal, OMP Plus generates a multi-layered capacity constrained production plan in response to forecasted demand.

In addition, biopharmaceutical complexities are taken into account. These include shelf life, production facilities with cross-contamination risk limitations, internal and governmental QA release times and campaign planning for seasonal products.

OMP Plus allows collaborative scenario comparison resulting in prioritization between the different Novartis Vaccines product families. The implementation of OMP Plus took five months from start of the analysis phase and go live.