Nokia Networks wins Supply Chain Management Award 2015

Nokia Networks has won the Supply Chain Management Award 2015. This was announced at Exchainge, the Supply Chainers’ Conference in Frankfurt (Germany) on June 25, 2015. In explaining its decision, the jury called Nokia Networks an excellent example of how a company’s supply chain can become a key ingredient in its success story.

The provider of hardware and software products and services for the telecommunications industry suffered a series of shocks that forced it to undergo an existential transformation of its supply chain strategy and supply chain management. The end-to-end supply chain solution that emerged focused on growth and agility, cost management, manufacturing flexibility and productivity, and supply capability. A seven-part program helped produce a sustained turnaround and significantly increase profitability while greatly improving performance.

The jury looked beyond the impressive costs savings and productivity gains to praise the team’s outstanding attitude and the manner in which it internalized and implemented supply chain best practices all the way up to the executive level. “Nokia Networks demonstrated best-in-class solutions in all areas of the supply chain – strategy, processes, organization, and innovation,” explained juror Claude Fischer, Head of the Utility Business Unit for last year’s prizewinner GF Piping Systems. “The supply chain plays a fundamental role in the success story of this company.”

“The approach taken by Nokia Networks impressed the jury. The end-to-end supply chain solution it implemented focused on growth and agility, cost management, manufacturing flexibility and productivity, and supply capability,” emphasized juror Harald Geimer, a partner at PwC Management Consulting.

And fellow juror Petra Seebauer, Director of Publications at Huss-Verlag in Munich and Publisher of the trade journal Logistik Heute, had this to say about the award-winning solution: “As Nokia implements its integrated supply chain strategy, it is not content to simply look back on what it has already achieved. It continues to implement new supply chain and production innovations, including new Industry 4.0 solutions.”

On-site deliberations

The Supply Chain Management Award is an initiative of PwC Management Consulting and the trade journal Logistik Heute. Past winners have included GF Piping Systems (2014), ADVA Optical Networking (2013), Infineon Technologies (2012), BASF (2011), and BMW-Motorrad (2010).

This year the prize was presented as part of the third “Exchainge, the Supply Chainers’ Conference” in Frankfurt’s House of Logistics and Mobility. The four finalists – Sky Deutschland, Continental Automotive, Rohde & Schwarz, and Nokia Networks – presented their ideas live to the audience before the jury made its final decision. For the first time, the winner was chosen right then and there during the ceremony. Business professionals attending the event submitted their vote, and the result was considered by the jury during its on-site deliberations.