New WMS improves response times and service quality for Mephisto

French shoe manufacturer Mephisto has implemented the inconsoWMS eXtended (inconsoWMS X) warehouse management system (WMS) to improve its customer-oriented response times and service quality.

The project began in late 2015. Within just a few weeks, a French inconso project team had completed all the necessary functional analysis and configurations. The system was then implemented at the Mephisto distribution centre in Sarrebourg in two steps: goods receiving (in 2016), followed by goods issue and shipping (in 2017).

In goods receiving, the shoe manufacturer particularly benefited from process extensions. Thanks to the flexible configuration options, quality inspections in goods receiving can now also take account of customer-specific quality requirements. Furthermore, a cross-docking process was integrated to make it easier to cope with seasonal peaks. Prepared packages are now stored until the customer’s desired shipping date, thus minimizing the picking steps necessary for shipping preparation. In the second phase of the project, two picking strategies were implemented in the goods issue area in 2017. Large-volume picking is done via a pick & pack process, whereas small quantities are picked in a two-step process with consolidated picks and subsequent distribution to the order compartments.

Moreover, a conveyor system has been installed that carries the containers of goods from their respective picking levels to the further work areas. Shipping labels are attached along the conveyor segment, which almost fully eliminates manual labelling at Mephisto. Last but not least, inconsoWMS X guides each package to the respective staging zone.

Mephisto was established in France in 1965. The shoe company initially began exporting to Germany, followed by the rest of Europe, the USA and China, and has evolved into a worldwide brand with 80% of turnover earned through exports. With 2,800 employees, Mephisto manufactures over 20,000 pairs of shoes daily that are distributed to 18,000 stores in over 80 countries.