New release of SCM IT Subway Map Europe 3.5 (2012)

The European quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement has published the new release of the SCM IT Subway Map. Version 3.5 of this overview clearly maps out all of the key players on the current European supply chain software playing field.



Three developing subway lines

In comparison to last year’s map, there are three subway lines which are in strong development:
1. Customs & Duty Management Systems
2. Shipment & Transport Execution Platforms
3. Supply Chain Visibility

Compliancy & visibility

Customs & Duty Management Systems become more import because of global trade regulations and compliancy matters.

Shipment & Transport Execution Platforms are further developed since internet has brought more possibilities to give overview of transport rates and the tracking and tracing of shipped goods.

Supply Chain Visibility hasn’t got a clear an accepted definition in the market. In the case of of the SCM IT Subway Map this software gives an overview of goods within the supply chain outside the four walls of an enterprise.

Sales & Operations Planning

A next of wave of supply chain software for the process of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is in the development at the moment, but has been implemented hardly yet. S&OP software might be the strongest contender for an own subway line on the next map.

> Download the SCM IT Subway Map Europe 3.5 (2012) here (PDF)

10 questions to check the maturity of a software vendor

1. Are you invited to the office of the vendor where people are actually working?
2. Does the vendor have live customers in your country and industry?
3. Does the vendor give you a complete list of customers with contact details?
4. Does the vendor have an active user group in your country?
5. Is the vendor or the business unit profitable in your country?
6. Does the vendor have senior consultants with a lot of implementation experience?
7. Is the software plus documentation, support and helpdesk available in your language?
8. Does the vendor have an experienced helpdesk with several employees?
9. Do you get direct access to the developers of the software?
10. Does the vendor or reseller give the right to return when you are dissatisfied.