New global supply chain planning tool for United Biscuits

After a complete Business Process and Planning Cycle design review with OM Partners, United Biscuits (UB) has started the implementation of OMP Plus for all their demand and supply planning processes. The OMP Plus implementation is part of an important supply chain transformation project for UB ensuring standardization and simplification across both processes and systems.

The international biscuit manufacturer will replace all the currently used planning and scheduling systems by OMP Plus as the global Supply Chain System of Record. OMP Plus facilitates the generation of feasible plans at the strategic, tactical and operational level through one integrated central planning process. This will allow UB to make the best strategic and tactical supply chain planning decisions well in advance for demand fulfillment, capacity usage and inventory build-up.

These supply chain decisions will steer the daily operational planning and scheduling process. On the operational level, OMP Plus will improve the speed of response to the customers and reduce lost sales. Other benefits include improved working capital and reduced packaging waste. Responsive planning and scheduling is achieved by the seamless connection between the central OMP Plus system and the SAP and (Oracle) JD Edwards ERP systems.

Lee Nicholls, Group Logistics and Sales & Operations Planning Director at UB commented: “With the implementation of OMP Plus, we will ensure a central collaboration between all participants in the supply chain. Our Sales and Operations Planning will evolve to becoming a more fully Integrated Business Planning Process.”

The OMP Plus solution will be rolled out to seven sites in the UK, four sites in Northern-Europe and all co-packing sites and distribution centers.