More than half of logistics employees have considered a career move

logistics employees

Over half (58%) of logistics employees have recently considered making a career move. For 45% of them, the most important reason was a lack of growth opportunities. 72% said they would be willing to stay with their current employer for longer if such opportunities were on offer. These are some of the findings from a survey by the Amsterdam-based software company Quinyx.

The survey, which was conducted among 800 logistics employees, was part of a larger study by Quinyx among 2,000 frontline employees in the Netherlands. Besides the lack of growth opportunities, other reasons for considering a change of job included low salary, poor work-life balance, unappealing working environment and lack of appreciation from the employer.

Almost half of all respondents said they were considering becoming self-employed, mainly due to the freedom it offers. Other reasons to consider being self-employed included determining one’s own salary (49%), having control over one’s own hours (47%) and having more variety/no fixed workplace (47%). Employees are also looking for a better work-life balance (29%) and a more varied role (25%).

Opportunities for progression in logistics

Employers in the logistics sector do offer growth opportunities, according to 70% of the respondents. In 63% of cases, these take the shape of training and educational opportunities, while clear career paths are mapped out in 53% of cases. According to 32% of respondents, employees are assigned a colleague as a ‘buddy’ for training purposes.

Employee engagement

33% of employees feel undervalued by their employer, resulting in them being less engaged in their work. When the respondents were asked what would increase employee engagement and commitment, the key factors that emerged were less work-related stress (40%), higher pay (38%), a flexible schedule (37%), clearer appreciation (35%), better communication between management and employees (28%), better work-life balance (26%) and less understaffing (20%).

High levels of work-related stress

62% of all employees in the logistics industry experience work-related stress, with 46% of them indicating that the main reason is fear of not being able to pay the bills. 44% cited a lack of flexibility in working hours, while other reasons include working overly long hours and working too much (36%), fear of losing their job (31%) and understaffing (30%).

Advice for employers

In response to the findings, Quinyx emphasizes the need to show consideration for employees in order to keep them engaged with the company. “Understanding and addressing the needs of frontline employees in the logistics industry is the first step in promoting recognition, improved communication and creating a less stressful work environment,” states Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder of Quinyx.

Employers should invest in communication platforms and make giving and receiving feedback a fundamental part of the corporate culture, according to Quinyx. The company also recommends offering employees flexibility in planning their work schedules to improve the work-life balance. In addition, Quinyx stresses the importance of investing in training and development opportunities for employees, as nearly three-quarters of respondents said they would stay with their employer for longer if more growth opportunities were on offer.