Monsanto implements end-to-end supply chain visibility

Monsanto, an agriculture company, has completed the first phase in the global rollout of the integrated OMP Plus platform for operational planning and scheduling in the Crop Protection Division. This was announced by OM Partners on 28 August 2014. This phase included Crop Protection sites in Europe and the USA and delivered a view of global demand, plan and inventory. The capability to have this view not only on future data but also on historical data can help spot trends in the market and following up on this information.

OMP Plus provides a centralized platform meant to assess demand, plan production and order raw materials while accounting for appropriate lead times. The solution is meant to give central and local users the ability to respond to changing market conditions, to maintain central visibility across multiple regions and increase the overall efficiency of the supply chain.

The solution is now also being rolled out to Monsanto Crop Protection sites in South America and Asia. Fawad Javed, Global Supply Chain Planning OMP Lead at Monsanto USA says: “Once all regions are in the same system – the global coordinator should be able to set or adjust quota for products by region. Based on these global requirements, the regional planners will adapt their plan accordingly.”

Marc Scherens, Director Customer Solutions at OM Partners adds: “The solution’s ability to seamlessly integrate with a global SAP system and local MES system at Europe plant enabled users to collaborate at an unprecedented level of supply chain coordination.”