MIT Scalers win global final The Fresh Connection

This year’s final was predetermined to be the biggest and best yet with more than 300 company teams from 25 countries and over 1300 participants entering the 5th annual Global Challenge of The Fresh Connection. After playing the final round on Wednesday September 25th the Final results became known and the winner was announced at the award gala on Thursday September 26th. The MIT Scalers claimed 1st prize. The 1st runner up is the Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte team from Germany and 2nd runner up Fuji Xerox team from Australia.


Final in Istanbul

After an exciting battle at national level the top 8 teams were selected to represent their company at the Istanbul final. Teams flew in from all regions of the world. Some of them arrived already a few days earlier, others stayed somewhat longer to enjoy the beautiful historical city.

This year’s challenge was focused on supply chain risk management which had the participants dealing with all types of risk events such as natural disasters, strikes, supplier disruptions, theft, quality issues and high market volatility. In order to cope with these tricky events the teams had to implement risk mitigation and prevention strategies. The teams also had a new tool to help them assess how well their approach was working in general: it was a scenario planner built into the Fresh Connection business simulation. Important elements adding to the complexity of the simulation dynamics at the finals were new assortments and a new customer base, Logistic Service Provider selection and collaboration between the competing teams.

Starting off with the qualifications in January to April 2013 the teams had to prove their performance was fit to enter the competition. Teams that qualified were then divided into 9 country or region pools. The stakes were high because besides winning the title of Global Challenge Champion 2013 the prize for the winning team was a one week executive supply chain course at the prestigious institute MIT in Boston.

Weighted ROI
1 United States of America MIT Scalers 47,80%
2 Germany Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte 43,90%
3 Australia Fuji Xerox 42,80%
4 India ITC Agriculture
5 United Kingdom Kimberly-Clark
6 South Africa Ernst & Young
7 Netherlands NIKE
8 France GKN

Outlook to 2014

After this thrilling event preparations for next year’s competition have already started. The themes for 2014 will be: Supply Chain strategy segmentation and optimization of the logistic footprint. The location for next years’ world final is not yet known. First teams have already registered for the 2014 Global Challenge.