Mindmap Global Trade Management 2017

Mindmap Global Trade Management

Global trade and the supply chains associated with it are subject to evertighter international regulations and legislation. Global trade management reduces the risk of liability, fines and delays at international borders, and conducting a sourcing and distribution analysis presents possibilities for companies to minimise import duties, taxes and surcharges. Together with Amber Road, supplier of software for managing import, export, global logistics and trade agreement processes, Supply Chain Movement has created a Mindmap Global Trade Management to outline the route, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way.

The first step of the MindMap:

Although the growth in global trade offers commercial opportunities, it also brings with it increased risks and a mountain of paperwork. Import and export activities are subject to all manner of checks and regulations that must be complied with. Companies can even be faced with trade embargos and sanctions. And all the while, companies are under pressure to improve customer service levels. Global trade management must be a strategic focus area for importing and exporting companies: Plan

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