Mindmap for Supply Chain Execution 24/7

Customers are becoming more demanding all the time: they increasingly expect personalised offers, available globally and round the clock. Such huge pressure on sales is also dragging the supply chain department(s) towards an ever-higher service level. Together with Consafe Logistics, a supplier of supply chain execution software, Supply Chain Movement has created this Supply Chain Execution Mindmap to outline the route, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way.


Mindmap manual

The internet has led to a global, 24-hour economy. The rise of social media has made both consumers and business customers more critical and more outspoken. At the same time, the aging population is creating a growing need for convenience, plus increasing regulatory pressure is also affecting webshops. Technological advancements such as RFID, GPS and 3D printing are opening up new opportunities. To ensure successful supply chain execution, the company must take these external developments into account: Plan.

The abovementioned developments are creating enormous financial pressure within the company due to a lack of financing in the market. Sales revenues are also under pressure as a result of new and unexpected competitors, shorter product lifecycles and unpredictable demand. Logistics operations and supply chains are increasingly complex due to the number of delivery options offered, and business systems such as webshops and order management have become businesscritical. The company is being forced to take action: Do.

The first supply chain challenge relates to the unforeseen peaks in demand generated by promotional activities and continuous re-planning. Another factor increasing the supply chain complexity is the ever-expanding product range. Sourcing from far-flung countries such as China is leading to growing uncertainty about the actual supply of purchase orders. The new 24-hour economy is demanding production of smaller batches and delivery of smaller quantities to customers. These challenges require a keener analysis of the demands placed on supply chain execution: Check.

The supply chain solutions for the 24-hour economy lie primarily in a flexible IT platform which enables the various internal software applications, such as for manufacturing execution, warehouse management and transport planning, to be connected to external systems such as for customs handling. Integration with warehouse mechanisation and production equipment guarantees that the optimal plan will be executed in practice. An approach focused on continuous process improvement ensures that the various handling processes are constantly evaluated and fine-tuned. Logistics transparency makes a real contribution within the complex economy. Armed with one or more of these solutions, the company will be ready for the 24-hour economy: Act.

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