Mike Detampel, Anaplan: ‘Digital demand management: The new normal’

Partner Presentation Anaplan Mike Detample

Understanding and shaping demand for products proves to be one of the most challenging endeavors for supply chain professionals. A customer-centric demand management process enables companies to identify the drivers of demand for their customers and to use demand-shaping levers at the right time for maximum profitability. Analytics are being successfully deployed today to solve supply chain planning problems, leveraging internal and external data to drive better decisions and respond rapidly to changing market conditions. Digital demand management: The new normal.

During inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2020, on October 13, Mike Detampel, Sr. Director of Supply Chain Solutions at Anaplan, gave a partner presentation. He spoke about how to learn how you can drive business value by making analytics ubiquitous and simple, enabling you to understand, anticipate, and influence demand through four lines of sight:
• Gain actionable insights from demand signals.
• Develop foresight powered by humans and machines.
• Deploy decision oversight to shape business outcomes.
• Document hindsight observations to learn from the past.

Did you miss inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2020 live?

The partner presentation of Anaplan is recorded and published on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slides of the presentation are available for downloading below.

Download: Partner Presentation Anaplan – inNOWvate 2020