March 2010’s winner of the month: Heinz

Logo-Heinz-150x75Ketchup manufacturer, Heinz, has reported strong growth in the first quarter. This American giant saw three percent growth and profits of 14 percent. One of the most important sources of this growth: supply chain optimisation. Heinz has been able to realise cost reductions that could amount to one billion dollars in the next five years thanks to a number of changes in the supply chain. A number of projects focused on bulk buying and elevating the company’s people, processes and technologies to the next level. One of the projects involved the implementation of a worldwide performance system and Heinz intends to take its supply chain optimisation even further. Proof of this is the recent appointment of the company’s first Chief Supply Chain Officer in top management. In this role, Bob Ostryniec is aiming to reduce costs and increase productivity – and hence the margins – even further.