Makro transitions to centralized ordering


Wholesaler Makro has completed an optimization project to future-proof its supply chain. Supported by Slimstock’s Slim4 inventory optimization software, the wholesaler has made a smooth transition to centralized ordering instead of the previous store-level approach. As a result, Makro is now better able to respond to irregular demand patterns, which has significantly improved the efficiency, visibility and availability.

Decentralized ordering by the various Makro stores used to cause substantial variations in how the stock was managed and was very time-consuming for employees. Tony Webster, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Makro, was keen to optimize this by centralizing the inventory management activities. He enlisted Slimstock‘s help in this process, which resulted in the implementation of Slim4.

Improved efficiency thanks to flexibility

In addition to supporting a more efficient workflow, Slim4 enables Makro to respond more flexibly to changes in demand. Large orders from local stores are now transmitted to the central distribution centre without delay. If unforeseen peaks occur, Slimstock’s software automatically ensures that an extra order is placed. Additionally, the central stock is immediately replenished if necessary. This new approach has significantly improved the wholesaler’s efficiency.

Creating order out of chaos

An additional advantage of Slim4 was that Makro was well-equipped to deal with the disruption caused by COVID-19. Despite the impact, the software has continued to place orders automatically throughout the pandemic and, thanks to automated notifications, the planners always know which matters required their immediate attention. The resulting time savings now enable the employees to focus on the exceptions that occur in the ordering process.