Lucien Besse, Shippeo: “B2B customers are increasingly looking for a B2C customer experience”

Lucien Besse B2B customers are increasingly looking for a B2C customer experience

Many supply chains have emerged from the coronavirus crisis stronger than before and are now more agile and better prepared to cope with rapid changes. Visibility is crucial, and is especially challenging in multimodal and international supply chains.

“The past year has been characterized by supply chain uncertainty,” says Lucien Besse, co-founder and COO of Shippeo – the European leader in real-time transportation visibility solutions. “Much of that uncertainty has been caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. This has highlighted several trends that will continue to play a role in 2021. The first notable trend is the growing need to collaborate and share information. This is key for keeping customer experience levels high in times of uncertainty.”
“In order to be able to capitalize on unexpected situations, your supply chain organization should allow real-time visibility. Due to the continuing rise of remote collaboration, people need to learn how to further improve their use of digital resources to work together. Put simply, smart collaboration requires smart digital resources to ensure operational flexibility.”


According to Besse, this trend will continue to grow in 2021. “Our customers increasingly want multimodal and international visibility. Supply chains are global; it’s not just about the domestic component. The rise in e-commerce is further stimulating the movement of goods between different countries and continents. There’s no point in only having visibility in the last part of the chain.”
“I’m optimistic about the future of supply chains because I’ve seen how quickly our customers succeeded in reacting to the changes during the coronavirus crisis. They were able to adapt their supply chain organizations impressively quickly. Today’s supply chains are better prepared for change than ever before, and the visibility improvements will continue at the same pace.”

Trend vision Shippeo: B2B customers are increasingly looking for a B2C customer experience

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