Lost & Found: Supply chain talent (students/recent graduates)

Talented young supply chain professionals are in great demand in the Netherlands. As a result of the demographic shift, the ageing population is creating a labour shortage. So who will win the battle for the best people? 

Many companies only go looking for talent when they have a relevant vacancy, but by that time they’re actually too late to find the best man or woman for the job. The search for talent should be a continuous process. Companies that have formalised their approach will consistently attract the right people and – when a concrete vacancy arises – will be able to fill it quickly and successfully.

The solution lies in being quick to spot young supply chain professionals with the potential to add value to your company, and in then winning their loyalty by inspiring them. Gone are the days when a prospective employee poured over the current vacancies in the Saturday edition of the newspaper looking for an interesting opening. As an employer, you must remain agile in the recruitment process – today’s Generations Y and Z are accustomed to a faster pace.

Talent Friday

Supply Chain Media and BLMC maintain close contacts with universities and other institutes of higher education. These parties are now joining forces to organise Supply Chain Talent Friday.
The day is aimed at HR managers and supply chain practitioners who are directly involved in recruiting and selecting talented individuals for roles in supply chain management, purchasing, operations and logistics.

Employer branding

Get involved in Supply Chain Talent Friday and secure a reliable inflow of high-potential graduates, then retain them at your company by offering them an attractive development programme.

For more information, please contact info@supplychainmedia.nl