Loser of Q2 2014: Aston Martin

British car maker Aston Martin has a major problem within its Chinese supply chain. The manufacturer of luxury sports cars which is often associated with James Bond is recalling three quarters of all the models built since November 2007 because the plastic used by one of its suppliers does not meet quality standards. The material, which forms part of the arm of the accelerator pedal, could break – with potentially disastrous consequences.


The pedal in question is featured in all Aston Martin models except for the new Vanquish Coupe, the Vanquish Volante and the Cygnet. Over 17,000 cars are affected, most of which (around 7,000) have been supplied in Europe. A further 5,000 of them can be found in the USA, and the rest are mainly in Asia. According to estimates, replacing the pedal will cost Aston Martin almost two million euros in materials alone. If it’s any consolation, Aston Martin is not the first manufacturer to suffer problems in its Chinese supply chain. In 2007, toy maker Mattel was forced to recall almost a million products because they contained lead paint.