Lidl introduces new, centralized ERP system

Lidl is looking to press ahead with standardizing processes worldwide and chose SAP ERP Retail powered by SAP Hana to do the job. In cooperation with KPS Consulting, Lidl developed a global process template and is now successfully running the system during a pilot project in 100 Austria-based outlets.

The greatest challenge for Lidl is standardizing business processes for some 10,000 stores in 26 countries while consolidating numerous applications and modules on a single platform. “The key for us was using SAP ERP Retail powered by SAP Hana to create a lightning-fast platform for transparent processes worldwide. We also wanted to reduce complexity and maximize both flexibility and our focus on the business,” explains René Sandführ, responsible project director at Lidl.

“With the new ERP system based on SAP Hana and the new enterprise service bus, we can distribute, store, and process millions of data records in real time. This will speed up our processes and the availability of key operating figures in the company going forward as well as unlock fresh possibilities for the future,” according to Sandführ.

Improved data quality thanks to centralized processing and management of key data, integrated and automated processes, near real-time availability of key operating figures – to name just a few of the advantages of the new solution – are a reality at Lidl in Austria now.

Big Bang approach

At 100 stores in Austria, all product groups and business processes were migrated to the new system in a single day, essentially a “Big Bang” approach. Additional rollouts in Europe and the United States will follow.

Lidl entrusted KPS Consulting with the project’s implementation. Together with the retail specialists at KPS Lidl developed a global template. “The project was a serious undertaking,” according to Sandführ. “We were looking for a partner with process and retail expertise and a fast, efficient implementation method. KPS offered exactly what we needed.”