Lack of IT standard processes makes delivery chain management costly

The lack of IT standard processes makes the management of the delivery chain complex and costly. This is the conclusion drawn by the IT company Axit of Frankenthal. “Industry and trade waste resources on a big scale in shipment management with their forwarders if there are no continuous cross-company IT processes for communication and handling”, says Frauke Heistermann, member of Axit’s management, in a press release 21 July 2014. The basis of this evaluation is the experience from more than 2,000 realized logistics IT projects.

Cooperation with forwarders can turn into quite a complex business for industry and trade. Most companies work with a large number of forwarding companies which supply shipments to their factories or customers all over the world. But the ways of communication between customers and forwarders are often intricate: Each partner handles the shipping order differently. How is shipment data transmitted and completed, which way is used to generate barcode labels, how is tracking information supplied?

“On the basis of more than 2,000 realized supply chain management projects we have developed IT best practices which enable shippers to automate and simplify communication with their forwarders to a high degree”, adds Heistermann.