Japan faces potato shortage

potato shortage

Japan is currently facing a major shortage of potatoes. The problem has become so severe that McDonald’s has been forced to limit the portion size of French fries for its customers. In an attempt to solve the problem, an American freight forwarder is in the process of sending three aeroplanes filled with potatoes to Japan.

The Japanese potato shortage was triggered by flooding at a port in Vancouver, Canada, which is a main hub for shipping potatoes to Japan. The shortage has been further intensified by supply problems due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fast-food chain McDonald’s recently announced that its approximately 2,900 branches in Japan could only offer small portions of fries. Customers can receive discounts on menus by way of compensation.

Transport alternatives

To cope with the supply problems, McDonald’s worked with its suppliers and importers to explore transport alternatives, including air freight. It is now hoped that three aeroplanes filled with potatoes will ease the shortage.