Intersport JB improves inventory accuracy and stock replenishment

Intersport Jan Bols in the Netherlands has improved inventory accuracy, increased sales, and reduced stock carrying costs. To accomplish that the retailer has deployed RFKeeper’s Plug & Play RFID Solution for automated inventory counts and stock replenishment. The solution enables Intersport JB to conduct a complete inventory count every week, optimize logistics, and ensure all products are available and displayed on the sales floor.

“With RFKeeper the entire store stock-taking takes less than 20 minutes which dramatically increases our inventory accuracy”, says Alexander Bols, General Manager, Intersport Jan Bols in a press release of 5 February, 2014. “With our new RFKeeper solution supported by Cross Point, we are able to quickly count the store’s inventory every Monday morning. It gives me great confidence that we are ordering the right products and that our inventory records are very accurate and up to date.”

In addition, Intersport Jan Bols implemented RFKeeper’s Smart POS Detachers to shorten checkout lines at the POS. The detacher removes the security tag and cuts customer checkout time by up to 50 percent, since barcode scanning is not required. The result is shorter lines, accurate price charging, and improved shopping experience.